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Optical Isolator Faraday Isolators

Optical Isolator Faraday Isolators

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Optical Isolator Faraday Isolators

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Optical Isolators - Faraday Isolators

* Compact design * UV-visible-IR * Proven in laser system * High isolation * Low loss

  • Compact Single and Dual Stage Optical Isolators Powered by CrystaLaser. The optical isolators allow the transmission of light in only one direction. The operation of the optical isolators depend on the Faraday effect which is magneto-optic effect, so they are also called Faraday Isolators. Most of them are used with laser systems so they are also called laser isolators. The optical isolator are designed to protect laser from the deleterious effects of back reflections, will make the laser and fiber coupled system more stable and reliable.
  • The optical isolators are specially designed to be compact in size and with high transmission and low loss for the laser wavelength. the single stage isolators provide >93 % transmission with >35 dB isolation and dual stage isolators provide 60 dB isolation and 85% transmission Compact optical Isolators for UV visible IR wavelength range from 248nm to 1600nm available from CrystaLaser. The isolators can be for high laser power and low power applications.Compact optical isolator Faraday isolator
  • Current standard aperture size is 3 mm. Aperture size of 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and up to 10 mm is available.
  • Broadband optical isolators for Ti:Sapphire lasers and tunable free-space optical isolators are also available on request.
  • UV-IR compact lasers are available, please visit web site
  • The Optical Isolators are suitable for following applications
    • Prevent laser and cavity optics from unwanted back reflection
    • Optical Diode, unidirectional light transmission
    • Prevent laser cavity optics from the damage of high power laser beam back reflection
    • Protection for a seed laser, Stabilize injection locking
    • Stabilize laser power by eliminating back reflection instabilities, reduce amplitude noise
    • Stabilize laser output spectrum to prevent mode hopping or frequency shifts
    • Reduce back reflections from fiber coupling
    • Dual stage isolators provide double isolation
    • Eliminating feedback instabilities in external cavity diode lasers

    Compact Violet blue laser


    • Compact size easily fit in optical paths
    • Faraday isolator with high isolation
    • High transmission with low loss
    • High laser through out power and high laser damage resistant, 3mm isolator can handle 3-10W transmission power.
    • Dual-stage otical isolators provide double isolation of 60dB
    • Faraday Rotators are also availabe on request for 248-1600nm
    • Rejected beam output from the isolator is availabe on spacial request
    If you have optical isolator requirements, please contact CrystaLaser directly.
    Please download the Specifications of the Optical Isolators

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